Experience, ambition and enthusiasm are the key words of our architectural office.

Our team of 14 people of different nationalities works on about fifty projects of various sizes and tasks, mainly for the public sector, but also for private individuals and companies.

The main quality of our projects lies in the attention we pay to the specific needs of each client, both in terms of expectations and budget.

As a pioneer in the field of passive energy use in the construction of the Betzdorf school grounds, our office continues to develop the research of materials and their use in order to keep up with the latest technologies without running the risk of unjustified expenses for the builders.

The materials used are studied to respond as effectively as possible to the site, but also to be a response in the search for environmental quality and durability of the product.t und Haltbarkeit des Produkts sind.

Important research work is carried out during the planning of the buildings in order to find an optimal arrangement and orientation of the different rooms and openings to capture a maximum of solar energy inside the buildings and thus reduce the heating needs.

The active use of natural ventilation, is an integral part of our achievements in both the public and private sectors.

In conclusion, we believe we can confirm that our team is perfectly capable of meeting your requirements and we will be delighted if you decide to entrust us with the planning and realization of your projects, in order to put at your disposal our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in the architectural development of your projects according to your needs and our own environmental and architectural convictions.